There are basically two ways in which each student can register in any project

1) All the information and documents as proper proof can be registered online through the website of the college. In this case, it should be kept in mind that after submitting the application, the copy that will be made as proof of the application should be submitted to the college. The application will be accepted by the college authorities as per the online application

3) Can register online anytime and through college from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm

Necessary certificate and proof required for name registration

1) Passport size color photo (1 copy is required for online and 2 copies for offline)

2) Aadhaar Card (required with own signature)

3) Voter Card or Ration Card (any one with own signature required)

4) BPL Card (If BPL, need with own signature)

5) Certificate of Disability (If disabled, need with own signature)

6) Certificate of Educational Qualification (required as per the rules of the training syllabus with own signature)

7) Certificate of Technical Training (Required if you have received technical training in any course with own signature)

8) Copy of first page of bank account passbook (where own name, bank name, bank account number and bank IFSC code are required to be cleared with own signature)



1) Whether the name is registered online or offline, the student's application will be accepted according to the date of application. However, in case of online application, if the student contacts the college soon with the proof of online Registration, then the application will be considered as valid or it will be rejected.

2) All the documents will be thoroughly verified as the information and proof of the applications received in accordance with the rules of the selected project of the students.

3) According to the approved application, students will be selected as eligible for training through "Self-awareness and Skills Assessment Program".



1) Judging by the attendance of the students, the training can be given in the first half, second half or full day in any project, in which case the students can voluntarily set a specific time for the training.

2) The first half will be from 8 am to 10 am or 10 am to 2 pm, the second half from 2 pm to 5 pm and the whole day will be from 10 am to 5 pm.

3) Students must arrive at the college 10 minutes ago before the scheduled start of training.

4) If a student does not have the identity card of the accepted project at the time of entering the college or before the start of the training, he/she will not be allowed to train.

5) Students must abide by all the rules of the college and classroom.

6) Students have to fulfill the total mentioned time period of training as per the rules of the adopted project and syllabus.

7) Students have to show their presence in biometric system through their own fingerprint every day. That means 85-90% attendance is required.

8) If the student needs leave for any reason, he/she has to apply to the teacher in advance.

9) In case of disobedience and bad behavior of any student, the reason will be verified and exemption will be given from the training.

10) If the duration of the training is not completed, all the facilities and benefits of the project will be deprived even from the final examination.



1) At the end of the training of students, the latest examination will be done according to the list prepared based on 85-90% of the total attendance.

2) The exam can be done online or offline in any way. Students will be informed 7 days before the exam.

3) Both online and offline exams will be completed within 1 day.

4) On the day of the examination, he/she must bring of the project identity card, uniforms and all the original papers.

5) In case of delay in joining the examination, he/she should pray by applying the appropriate reasons to the examiner and the college authorities for the opportunity to join.

6) According to the rules of the exam, every student must be present on the day of the exam, otherwise to wait for the next exam schedule.

7) Examinations may be conducted by Councils, Agencies or own departments approved by the Government of India or the State Government.



1) The time limit for publishing the results and certificates after the examination depends on the Councils, Agencies or Departments who conducting the examination. In this case he/she have to stay in touch with the college.

2) The accepted certificate will be recognized Nationally and Internationally for the betterment of future life.

3) After the publication of the results of the examination and the certificate, the student can receive the certificate from the college in case of emergency or must take it within 15 days of the announcement of the date of issuance of the certificate from the college.



1) Stipend will be available only if there is a facility to get stipend as per the rules of the project.

2) The name will be determined as eligible for stipend according to the training schedule and attendance.

3) The stipend will be sent directly to the students' bank account from the project by the organizing department. In this case, the intervention of the college authorities is not acceptable.